360 Designer that focused on designing and animating engaging and educational social posts for the brand’s Global Instagram

Global Instagram

While in collaboration with the Digital Marketing team at SkinCeuticals, mulitple series such as What’s in it?, How to’s, Pro Tips, and This or That’s were brought to life using video animations. Following the core values of the brand like percision and authenticity, posts were animated to educate and highlight products to give a better understanding to the proof behind the formulas at SkinCeuticals. 

Black History Month

Working with the Digital Team at SkinCeuticals, designed the layout for the brands social campaign #SkinCeuticalsSkinDeep. This hashtag/ campaign focused on bringing awareness to skin needs of those from different backgrounds. Doctors were interviewed to discuss various myths that community were misinformed about. Design layouts highlighted close crops of skin and product texture.

AAPI Month and PRIDE Month

Following the success of the previous Culutral Moment on the SkinCeutical’s Instagram, we continued to celerate other culutral events like Asian American and Pacific Islander Month and Pride Month. Both social campaigns followed the same theme of bringing awareness to one’s “Skin Health”. Doctor and Phycisians from all different backgrounds expressed how they felt about their skin by subbmitting video Q&As.

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