180 East 88th Street

Helped design subway advertisement for the luxury condominium 180 East 88 St building. The graphic highlights the talented work of Stucco Artist Jan Hooss, who was commisioned to create an original piece for the development. 

Map Design

Helped design a map to showcase the popular attractions in Dusseldorf. The map features local eateries, galleries, boutiques and more marked by carefully designed vector icons.

Email Marketing

Followed design guidelines and assisted in updating email marketing campaigns for real estate developments such as 100 Franklin Street and Greenwich West. 

Social Media

While at JAKOB JAKOB, I also managed the Instagram account and carefully curated the layout with detailed captions and tagged photos. Took photos of collateral, print materials and created engaging story posts showcasing behind the scenes looks at recent projects.


To bring more motion to JAKOB JAKOB’s work on presentations, I created multiple animations using Adobe After Effects. The following GIFS were designed to show web page animations viewed on iPad, iPhone and Mac.


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